Chiropractic Insurance Claims

Understanding health insurance plans can be a complicated and unpleasant process. Sharon, the office manager at Salem Chiropractic Clinic has over 36 years of experience in insurance billing. She is a very valuable resource for patients and those who are considering becoming patients. She may be contacted by phone or email to answer insurance-related questions. By collecting one’s policy number, and very minimal personal information, Sharon is often able to determine what chiropractic benefits an individual has before they even present for their first appointment. If one chooses Salem Chiropractic Clinic, all of the insurance billing will be done efficiently, correctly, and expeditiously under Sharon’s supervision. She is also an expert in filing personal injury claims after a motor vehicle crash or on-the-job injuries. There is help available during every step of the process, and Sharon’s expertise makes the paperwork much less burdensome.

Chiropractic Insurance Claims

Chiropractic Insurance

Dr. Herren practices evidence-based chiropractic, keep excellent records, and provides outstanding results. As a consequence of his commitment to his patients, and his dedication to high clinical standards, he has been invited and accepted into many insurance organizations. Each policy within any given network or insurance provider is unique and one should call Sharon in order to verify their benefits. There are a broad number of policies, each with different inclusions and exclusions, written by any particular insurance company. In general, Dr. Herren has been accepted onto many panels, and his patients often enjoy coverage provided by the following insurance companies:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Regence Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Providence
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield Card
  • Regence Med-Advantage
  • Complementary Health Plans
  • American Specialties Health
  • Lifewise
  • SAIF
  • Liberty Northwest / Mutual
  • United Health Care
  • Pacific Source
  • Medicare
  • Atrio

Whether or not one has private insurance, residents of Oregon are covered by personal injury benefits if they are involved in a motor vehicle crash. In most cases, the automobile insurance company is obligated to allow for $15,000 worth of treatment or pay for treatment up to two years from the date of injury. Whether an individual receives the necessary treatment or not after being injured in a car crash should not influence their insurance rates. These general rules usually apply to those carrying full coverage or liability coverage. If one is injured in a car crash, they do not need to see their primary care provider for a referral before they present for chiropractic evaluation and treatment. Chiropractic physicians are well-suited and trained to manage most cases from the initial evaluation to the closing report. Dr. Herren at the Salem Chiropractic Clinic specializes in treating acute injuries, like those often sustained in motor vehicle crashes.

With rare exception, those suffering from injuries sustained on-the-job may see a chiropractic physician directly, without any referral. A chiropractor may serve as the attending physician, order appropriate imaging, and provide treatment in worker compensation cases. There is usually no expense to the patient, and the employer’s insurer is billed directly. Dr. Herren manages many cases resulting from motor vehicle crashes and on-the-job injuries.