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Chiropractors Salem Oregon

The chiropractic physicians at the Salem Chiropractic Clinic truly care for each patient and take a personal interest in their welfare. They take the time to thoroughly manage each case in order to ensure that every patient enjoys a comprehensive, caring approach to their concerns. Our Salem Oregon chiropractors are experts in listening to each patient and providing a number of different treatment methods.

The chiropractors at the Salem Chiropractic Clinic emphasize a comprehensive approach, whether this means obtaining x-rays, ordering MRI’s, referring to a specialist, helping one find legal counsel or any number of additional services. They are well-qualified to serve as a “portal of entry” to patients who are hurting or seeking treatment to stay healthy. Come meet some of the very best chiropractors in Salem, Oregon


Both Chiropractors Dutton and Herren earned their Bachelor’s degrees in the biological sciences before pursuing their graduate work and receiving their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from the University of Western States. After licensure, each pursued ongoing advanced training through the National University of Health Sciences. They are committed to a comprehensive approach using a broad scope of modalities in an evidence-based practice.

Doctors Dutton and Herren are blessed to work with Sharon and Ivonne, who are state-licensed Chiropractic Assistants. Sharon has been with the practice for more than 29 years and is a rich resource for patients with insurance questions. She is also an expert in filing Motor Vehicle Crash and Worker’s Compensation Claims. Ivonne is bilingual and is available to translate for Spanish speaking patients.


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Our Passion is a Healthier You

The chiropractors at Salem Chiropractic Clinic are truly committed to caring for the welfare of each patient. Our chiropractors are ideally situated to manage a multitude of conditions, and always prove to be a valuable resource to their patients.

The focus of our chiropractic practice is centered upon the diagnoses and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, including the following: