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Salem, Oregon 97301
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Salem Chiropractic Clinic – Testimonials

Michael Dutton is amazing! Our family has seen him for years, and we will never switch to someone else. He is the best chiropractor in Salem!
Kevin and Jordan Zade (via Facebook)

Absolutely the best! Our family has seen Dr. Herren at Salem Chiropractic Clinic since we moved to Oregon and has been delighted with the friendly, prompt service and superb quality of care that we’ve received there. I highly recommend Salem Chiropractic Clinic to all my friends and family.
Deanne Murnieks (via Facebook)

Dr. Dutton is exceptional at what he does. He is knowledgeable,compassionate and ethical in addition!! He has gone above and beyond in researching some unusual symptoms I have had and has never given up on me. I highly recommend him!!!
Phyllis Arthur (via Facebook)

Wonderful place! Amazing staff! This play comes highly recommended……
Danny Elliott (via Facebook)

Dr. Michael Dutton was awesome in helping me to rehabilitate a back injury. He fit me in his schedule and saw me expediently. His knowledge of not only this injury, but also others, was impressive as he thoroughly evaluated my overall health and how it could affect my present injury. After my first visit with him I left feeling not just better physically, but also more informed of my overall well-being. He was thorough, knowledgeable and tender to my particular needs as a patient. He treated me as if I was a friend. I would highly recommend him to those seeking any sort of Chiropractic work.
Andrew Holbert

Dr. Dutton has been the most responsive Chiropractor I have ever visited. He takes time to hear my symptoms and concerns. My injury required a long recovery and he was very patient with me. He always had new suggestions for improving my condition in between visits. I had an incredibly positive experience and would recommend him to anyone I know.
Douglas Vincent

I have known Michael Dutton for a long time and what I can tell you is that he just wants to help people. I think that you will love how personal he is, how professional he is, how incredibly competent he is at his craft, and how he always strives to do his best. He is the kind of person you can really trust to do a great job and not take advantage of you. I strongly recommend you give him a try.
Jordon Newton

After my car accident I suffered from neck and back problems. Dr. Dutton treated me and without him I don’t think I would be able to do my daily functions (like picking up my son). Dr. Dutton is great at his job and I would recommend him to anybody who needs the best chiropractor.
Jennifer Casad

Salem Chiropractic Clinic is always friendly, professional, clean and tidy and I always leave my appointment feeling better than when I arrived. Those are huge endorsements. I have been a patient of Dr. Herren for many years, so they are certainly doing things right.

I have been in Dr. Dutton’s care since the year 2000 due to a car accident. Dr. Dutton’s table side manors are wonderful. I continue to get treatments from Dr. Dutton as needed, and all 4 of my children have had various treatments, as well as, my husband. He has been our go to guy for several of our sports injuries as well as just regular adjustments. We highly recommend Dr. Dutton!
Dana Tokarski

I went to see Dr. Dutton for chronic migraines and facial pain so bad that I was having to hot pack my face and only able to chew soft foods and living on Tylenol and Advil. I was diagnosed with TMJ 30 years ago and my medical Dr.’s told me there was nothing they could do for me short of breaking my jaw and wiring it shut. My dentists put brackets and rubber bands on my teeth as well as various retainers; all to no avail. When I brought this up to Dr. Dutton he shocked me by saying that he could work on my TMJ. I didn’t believe it at first, but sure enough, in under 5 minutes and 100% pain free, my jaw and bite were perfectly aligned for the first time in 30 years! I felt it was like a miracle. Thank God for Dr. Dutton and all his medical knowledge and gentle technique! My life has changed dramatically.
Lynnette Guadagno

I have been seeing Dr. Dutton for 4 years. Dr. Dutton is
very concerned for each of his patients and you will never feel “rushed through”.
If for any reason he can’t help you, Dr. Dutton will tell you up front.

Dr. Dutton is not a bone cracking doctor. He is very precise
when he makes appropriate adjustments and the massage machine is incredible for
your neck, shoulders and back. My son and daughter have seen Dr. Dutton and
they agree with me. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Dutton to my
friends and family. He is REALLY amazing and you will get the best night’s
sleep after seeing him!

Donna B.